Faculty and Staff

Founders Classical Academy seeks and employs faculty members who have a demonstrable history of excellence in an academic discipline, who convey knowledge to young people with charisma and clarity, and who practice and train students in the virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, and charity. Faculty members engage students in the pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful. Each teacher at Founders is a professional who is esteemed and supported by a faculty of friends striving for excellence.

Mrs. Diane Carpenter, Campus Secretary

Mr. Chris Anderson, Special Education Aide

Ms. Rhea Cherian, Kindergarten Art and Afternoon Academy Tutor

Mr. Jeremiah Chichester, Fifth Grade Teacher

Mr. Andrew Davidson, Kindergarten Music and Physical Education

Mr. Brooks Emery, Sixth Grade English

Mrs. Ranjana Duggal, Middle School Math Teacher

Ms. Deborah Farver, Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Laura Gorman, Afternoon Academy Director

Miss Amanda Hunt, Middle School English Teacher

Mrs. Margaret Jones, Sixth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Amber Jordan, Middle School Art Teacher

Mrs. Brittany Kretz, Fourth Grade Teacher

Ms. Wendy Lee, Special Education Teacher

Mr. Paul Lewis, Middle School Math Teacher

Mr. John Lopke, Second Grade Teacher

Miss Anne Lorimer, Fifth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Dorothea Malloy, Special Education Aide

Ms. Sharlin Maynard, Nurse

Mrs. Brooks McDonald, Assistant Headmaster

Mrs. Rachel Moreno, Middle School Music Teacher

Mrs. Ruth Joy Orr, Kindergarten Teacher

Mr. Caleb Powell, Front Desk Reception

Mrs. Robin Rabiee, First Grade Teacher

Ms. Patricia Rodriguez, Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Chari Scott, Second Grade Teacher

Ms. Corrie Sikora, Volleyball Coach

Ms. Jessica Sloan, Grammar School Art Teacher

Mr. Brinton Smith, Headmaster

Mrs. Diane Stephenson, Dyslexia Teacher and 504 Coordinator

Mr. Jason Stevenson, Middle School Science Teacher

Ms. Karen Ward, Grammar School Music Teacher

Mr. Michael Willis, Afternoon Academy Tutor