Jason Stevenson

Middle School Teacher

Mr. Stevenson is an upper school Science teacher. He earned his undergraduate degree at Western Oregon University, a masters degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, and has completed further postgraduate work at Denver Seminary. Prior to Founders, he taught several years in public and private schools in both Oregon and Texas, and spent seventeen years in Christian ministry. He has lived in the Metroplex for over twenty years. His roots, however, spring from the West Coast. He was born in California and spent his formative years in the Pacific Northwest. He is married to his beautiful wife Carley, who was born and raised in Richardson, Texas and attended Texas A&M University (whoop!). Together they have two children—Cody and Karis. He is widely read, with continuing interests in philosophy, sociology, theology, archaeology, history, science, and leadership development. He also reads science fiction and fantasy recreationally. Writing is a passion when he can find the time. He fell in love with the outdoors in his youth, and spends a lot of time planning the next backpacking and mountaineering trip and figuring out how to swing through any National Park, especially Yellowstone. Mr. Stevenson loves to travel, and has personally set foot on five of seven continents (Australia and Antarctica to go!).